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LED Diving Torch

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The alchemy torch is a new cornerstone in the development of diving lights. Not only because of the use of a high-performance LED as light source but also in combination with its unique beam focusing action (optics). Our new torch is a first in achieving such good quality of light with a variable focus beam. The alchemy torch can be adjusted to produce from a solid beam of 2 degrees angle to a completely evenly illuminated light cone of 25 degrees. With the spot light and 21000 Lux, it ensures maximum penetration in murky waters and hence for safe conditions. Only half a turn of the front ring is needed to evenly illuminate objects under water at any time. Switching the torch on and off is done by a simple movement of the thumb, completely unaffected by the pressure underwater (depth). The adjustment mechanism of the beam is freely movable (no natural stop in both directions) and can be done easily and safely even with thick gloves.

Technical specifications:

• LED Power: 3.5 Watt
• LED Type: Cree XR-E (T6)
• Brightness: max. > 21.000 Lux
• Beam angle (focusing): 2° tο 25° adjustable
• Max. dive depth: -200 meters (-656 feet) (21 bar)
• Batteries: 3 x AA
• Switch: Magnetic (removable)
• Burning time: approx. 4 - 5 hours
• Housing: Aluminium
• Weight (with batteries): 0.33 kg
• Buoyancy (with batteries): -0.14 kg (negative)
• Warranty: 2 years

• Total length: 14.9 cm
• Head diameter: 4.6 cm
• Body diameter: 3.7 cm

Package includes: alchemy LED diving torch, silicone lanyard, silicone grease, torch documents, carrying pouch

LED Diving Torch Manual

alchemy LED Diving Torch Manual

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alchemy LED Diving Torch

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