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NeemaTec Reel Rope

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Speargun reel rope made of 100% braided dyneema (100m spool)

Alchemy’s NeemaTec reel rope consists of pure braided 100% dyneema (without nylon sleeve or any other material) and this is why it has huge break strength. There is a special protective coating that gives exceptional abrasion resistance even after continuous friction with sea rocks. It does not absorb any water during use and is does not affect your speargun’s buoyancy even in really deep dives.

• Tested strength 1.5 mm - 224 Kg (500lb)
• Tested strength 2.0 mm - 387 Kg (855lb)

• High abrasion resistance
• UV protected
• No water absorption

Available colors: White / Cyan
Packaging / Spool: 100 meters

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