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All transactions are made through the secure environment of the company certifications on PayPal™. This site does not accept or record credit card numbers. We do not store data on your credit/debit cards, CCV2 and/or expiration dates.


We would like to inform you that according to Law 2472/1997 (Greece), the personal data you have provided to Alchemy will be processed in compliance with the individual's fundamental rights and dignity, with particular reference to privacy, personal identity and the right to personal data protection.

For all users of the site:
Personal information about users of the site can be used to collect anonymous statistical information on usage of the site, to monitor the proper operations of the site, and to verify responsibilities if necessary in the event of crimes committed that harm the site, the owner, or third parties. With reference to users that register with the site: In addition to the purposes described above, information about users who register with the site will be processed in order to:

1 - To inform the customer about new services and products. Such information will be sent to the customers by Alchemy directly. 2 - To customize advertisements according to the customers' preferences, should they have any. 3 - To facilitate and optimize other services by providing third-party suppliers with the customer's personal data. 4 - For marketing purposes and to send advertising material.

The data treatment holder is Alchemy - Dimitrios G. Pantazis head office in Kleisthenous 5, Kamatero, 13451, Athens, Greece. Provision of data is optional; treatment of data is also optional and will be carried out only to fulfil points 1. to 4. above. Personal information is processed by automated means, for the time strictly necessary to achieve the purposes for which it was collected.

Processing of personal information related to WEB services of this site is handled only by personnel delegated to processing by the Controller or the Processor or by external staff for occasional system maintenance operations delegated by the Controller. Clearly, users are free to decide whether or not to provide their information by entering it in the registration forms. The decision not to provide information or to deny consent to processing of said information may make it impossible to complete your registration, and therefore impossible to use the service requested. The personal information of "registered" users may be communicated to third parties who provide the goods/services available on the site as well as those who perform data analysis for statistical purposes, to partners and affiliates, and in any event within the limits of the purposes of the processing described above. This communication may be made both to parties inside Greece and those located abroad in countries belonging to the European Union or outside it. The information may also be communicated to third parties delegated for site maintenance by the Data controller, under the latter's control.The Data controller is Alchemy Dimitrios G. Pantazis company in the person of its legal representative: Dimitrios Pantazis. The complete list of Processors is available upon written request to our head office, Kleisthenous 5, Kamatero, 13451, Athens.

Customers may contact the holder or one of its representatives to assert their rights in accordance with art. 11 to art. 13 of the above-mentioned code in order to obtain, with no extra charge or delay, information about the origin and treatment of their personal data - the way they have been treated, updated, modified and completed.Alchemy - Dimitrios G. Pantazis will use all the necessary and available measures to avoid both unlawful and inappropriate use of the gathered data as well as its unsolicited modification. Access to the information provided is allowed to authorized personnel only. Alchemy's employees who have access to our database are bound to stick to very strict rules. Alchemy adopts adequate control and protection measures to avoid any infringement of the regulations cited above.


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